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Our products and services

Nuclear Property Insurance

Northcourt's Property Binder offers cover for:

  • Nuclear Material Damage
  • Nuclear Business Interruption
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Terrorism

Cover is offered on a quota share or excess of loss basis

Nuclear Liability

Northcourt Liability Binder offers cover for:

  • Nuclear Third Party Liability for nuclear licensed sites including inland transit risks
  • Nuclear Third Party Transport Liability risks for overseas movements

This is to assist nuclear companies to meet their statutory obligations

Construction and Decommissioning

Northcourt is able to offer cover for:

  • Nuclear new build construction
  • Nuclear refurbishment projects
  • Decommissioning and dismantling projects

This insurance provides follow market support for contractors all risks cover on major projects

Contractors and Suppliers

Northcourt's Nuclear Liability Binder offers cover for contractors working on nuclear sites

  • Nuclear Public and Products liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors and Officers Liability

issued on a bespoke basis to meet contractors' legal requirements.

Investors Protection

Northcourt's Nuclear Property Binder offers cover for investors in nuclear projects / assets to protect their interest in the event of a major loss.

This insurance can be provided for the nuclear new build and refurbishment projects.

Convention for Supplementary Compensation

Nuclear Liability arising out of a nuclear incident in any of the ratified countries to the CSC. This cover is issued on a bespoke basis to meet legal obligations of the contractor, utility or the Government for their respective risks.